Late summer shows

Getting ready to release ‘Chasing Dreams’ this fall! Songs are now published and release date set for Sept 4, 2015. I’ll be at Lizard Lounge Open Mic Challenge this coming Monday, Aug 17 to play and promote a show at Aeronaut Brewing Co in Somerville on Sunday August 23rd. I’ll be playing an afternoon solo set on ukuele and guitar and then will back Ryan Alvanos for a set of his original music.Details to follow.

Hello world!

Here is a review of a lizard Lounge Open Mic Challenge from June 2015:


Last week?s judge was your ever so humble host.  Yup… sometimes I gotta do it!~(Tom Bianchi, aka 24HourTom)

Very awesome show last week.  Some wonderful standouts were;

With their intertwining melodies and harmonies and duo guitar work, Crowes Pasture were a favorite for sure.  Jim Trick played some great tunes and both on and off the stage is a fan favorite and The Hillary Reynolds Band crushed our humble stage for sure!!!  Paper Waves Band were a hit first time on our stage and some tunes from Se?n McKenna are always awesome! The final three were Tim Mann, Courtney Reid and Sam Hammerman.

Tim Mann’s songwriting in the americana genre is unmatched.  Part Wilco, part George Harrison, all his, Tim flat out has great tunes, new classics if you will.

Thanks Tom!